You Want To Buy Land….Now What?

Congratulations! Buying land and building a dream home or starting a homestead is a huge step towards growing your independence! However, getting land these days isn’t as easy as placing some stakes in the ground and calling it yours. In fact, there are many ways where you can end up with a nightmare property instead of a dream property. Having a land buying team on your side can help you avoid those problems. They can also help make the process smooth and easy, which means you get your land even faster!

Here’s who you should have on your team when you’re buying land in Tennessee

1. Land Expert

Having a land expert on your team is one of the most important things you can do when you start looking for land in Tennessee.

Not all land experts are equal though.

When you’re looking for a land expert, here are some things to look for:

  1. Knowledge of the local area
  2. Ability to get to know what YOU want and what YOU are looking for
  3. Knowledgeable in deed restrictions and property restrictions

Having a land expert on your team will help you save large amounts of time and money. Instead of you having to spend your nights and weekends exploring property options that won’t fit what you’re looking for, a land expert can help with that. They’ll also be able to help you identify problems you won’t know about it if it’s your first time buying land. When you look at everything they provide you, having a land expert on your team is the best thing you can do! At Legacy Farm Group, we have several land experts who have

2. Your Partner

The next crucial member you need on your land buying team is a partner. Whether that’s a spouse or trusted friend, you’ll want someone who can help encourage you in the land buying process and give you advice when you need it!

The land buying process can often take longer than you’d expect, so having a partner to encourage you through the process is important to successfully buy land!

They’ll also be able to help act as a second set of eyes for you. When you find a property you fall in love with, they’ll be able to help you consider if this is really the best property for you.

3. Expert Lender

Having a lender is another critical person to have on your team. Unless you’re in a position to pay cash for a property, then you’ll likely need to use financing from the owner or from a bank. Having owner financing can make the processes faster but you’ll likely need to pay a higher interest rate, which makes your monthly payment higher. Working with a local bank or credit union is also a great option. They’ll be familiar with the area and may even know the owner of the property. They’ll also likely have more flexible financing options than large banks.

4. The Owner

Many people think that the owner in the land buying process is there just to sign the necessary documents and leave. But this is where you can separate yourself from everyone. The owner is also an important part of your land buying team. They’ll know the local area, they can help introduce you to your new neighbors, and they can help you get things situated on your property! Having the owner on your team also makes it even easier to buy the property you want because they’ll be more willing to work with you if any issues come up!

Deciding to purchase land in Tennessee is a significant step forward in land ownership. When you work with the property experts at Legacy Farm Group, you can be sure that we will provide these documents for you so that you can get on your land as soon as possible!

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